Anti Muslim activities are escalating

In the 1930's it was the Jews. Today it is the Muslims.

Bush Administration Detains Clinton Ambassador

(WASHINGTON, September 29, 2003) -- Today's arrest of Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, a Muslim leader, activist, and former goodwill ambassador to Muslim countries in former President Bill Clinton's administration, is the most recent example of the government's intensified targeting of Muslim organizations, activists and institutions. This targeted escalation is occurring despite the issuance of a recent Department of Justice Inspector General report indicating that Muslims have been unlawfully detained and abused while under detention, and that 75 percent of the cases classified by the government as "terrorist cases" have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. American Muslim leaders report that the negative impact on the community has been severe. MAS Freedom Foundation Executive Director Mahdi Bray attributes the government's witch-hunt to the blanket of suspicion over American Muslims caused by a government propensity targeting Muslims with unfounded accusations and loose guilt-by-association linkages. MAS Freedom believes we need to develop a proactive response to this governmental "dollar store" mentality of one-size- fits-all. "This administration's war on terrorism is actually a war on the Muslim community and the civil liberties of all Americans," said Bray, adding, "Our leadership, organizations, charities, and places of worship, are being targeted by the Department of Justice, who scapegoat Muslims by exploiting their political vulnerability. "This is political opportunism at its worst, and the Muslim community is paying a horrific price. In the face of this egregious behavior, we can ill-afford to remain passive or silent."

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