Some Swedish Voices in Swedish National Radio about U.S. elections, etc.
(And about other problems with U.S. democracy, like media censorship, etc.)

From Swedish National Radio, P1 Klarspråk, 11 November 2003, as phoned in by listeners:

You need to listen to this:

Subjects treated include censorship (LA Times has ordered their journalists to stop using the term Resistance Fighters about the Iraqis), Criticism of GW Bush's view of Democracy, HAVA -- Help America Voting Act and voting fraud [ ] (by Erik Eriksson, Madison, Wisconsin, who is politically active in the United States, see  (Also see   Further, an appeal for a balanced view on human rights atrocities committed by the state of Israel and criticism of uncritical, unreserved Christian support of Israel, including of their state terrorism, and that this terrorism provokes escalating terrorist violence.

For English Only Listeners and for those that cannot listen to .rm Audio, sorry, there is no transcript of translation.   But you can get some info from the above links.

(Source:  "tisdag"  downloaded 13 Nov 2003 at .)


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